Monday, May 8, 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 19

Lunch: prawn cocktail salad
Dinner: home late (late meeting at work) so my husband will get his own dinner and I will have a low fat butternut squash risotto ready meal

Tuesday - working from home
Lunch: baked potato with bacon and sour cream
Dinner: at a circuits class and not home til 8.30: Slimming World cauliflower rosti pie I keep intending to make but not having time to

Lunch: chorizo and halloumi salad
Dinner: cod in a honey lime sauce based on this recipe I didn't do last week

Thursday - day off to do a macro photography lesson
Lunch:on the course
Dinner: spaghetti carbonara using the rest of the bacon and sour cream

Lunch: Tabbouleh from Leon Salads book with chicken
Dinner: something from the freezer with chips

Lunch: eggs baked into bread rolls with diced bacon, grated potato and cheddar cheese hash based on Denny's
Dinner: Memphis style pork chops from this recipe with hassleback potatoes

Lunch: out with my family
Dinner: home late -frozen pizza or similar

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